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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 15, 2010 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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washington and shannon. have a great day. >> take care everyone. mixed message. president obama explains his comments about plans for a mosque near "ground zero". is it a clarification or a flipflop? we have the latest. deflation danger, could be the worst-case scenario, how likely is it and what could it mean are you? and fight to vote. the latest on a brewing scandal involving american troops and their voting rights. the law to guarantee the troops get their ballots is not being enforced. i'm shannon and americas' news starts right now. president obama says he is not backing down on the mosque but clarifying his position. after igniting a firestorm, he says he was defending religious freedom, not giving his stamp of
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approval to the mosque and its location. hi, james. >> republicans are saying president obama with his remarks on the mosque controversy has shown himself to be disconnected and will be on voters minds this fall. the local matter, this plan by a muslim consortium to erect a 13-story cultural center two blocks north of the twin towers site. the dinner, an annual event marking the end of the ramadan fast for muslims, president obama weighed in initially appearing to support the project only to say on saturday he had kept his personal feelings to himself. >> let me be clear. as a citizen and as president, i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. [applause] >> and that includes... that includes the right to build a
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place of worship in a community center on private property in manhattan in accordance with local ordinance. >> i was not commenting on my personal views to put a mosque there, i was commenting on the right people have that dates back to our founding. that is what our country is about. >> on saturday night, white house spokesman bill birden issued a statement saying just to be clear, the president is not backing off in any way on the comments he made last night. it is not his role as president to pass judgment on every local project but it is his responsibility to stand up for the constitutional principles and equal treatment of all americans. on fox this morning, a gop congressman from new york city accused the president of trying to have it both ways. >> the president is going to get involved, he should put everything on the table. he shouldn't do what he did
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friday night and just make half a statement which was not even relevant. nobody was questioning the right to build a mask but questioning where it should be. and yes, i think governor patterson did the right thing to suggest an alternate location. >> in addition to the mosque, park 51 includes a swimming pool, and places for book stores and art exhibits. shannon? >> we'll continue to follow it. thanks for the update. this issue has sparked a lot of attention. keep it right here. we will have a fair and balanced debate and we have an attorney who will face off against the spokesman for the council of american islamic foundation. that is coming up at 1:45 eastern time and you won't want posey miss it. a warden and security director where inmates escaped last month are out of a job.
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meanwhile, john mccloskey is still at large and this is katherine welch, the woman who helped him escape. officials are focusing on western montana and canada. mcloskey and his fans to say are expected to be driving a gold or gray nissan sent tracking ike. a man accused of murdering four people outside a restaurant the other day has been released as an attorney says the witness statements and video do not seem to prove that. eight people are dead and others hurt as a truck went off the track of an offroad race.
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the california highway patrol is now investigating the crash. the government's point man in the gulf oil spill cleanup is ordering bp to do additional tests before drilling a relief well. it could be tomorrow or late early tuesday before officials know the results of the test. they are designed to minimize any risk that could come with the final bottom kill of that ruptured well. there have been no seub can't leaks since the cap was installed last month. and the image that everyone in the oil zone would have hoped for, the first family swimming in waters off the gulf but would it be enough to revive tourism? mike, what have the obamas been up to today and do you think they are con sraeing the message they had hoped to get out there? >> it seems to be going as
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planned, 27-hour visit but the president, first lady, daughter sasha out on a 50-foot boat this morning showing the bay here is beautiful and fun and that is the message they are trying to convey to americans as americans consider future vacations and consider the ghost region. the beaches here are not been touched, the water is emerald green, the seafood is fresh and edible and that is what they have been trying to sell americans on. i talked to a local business official here who said we are thrilled that he chose our company and thrilled at the way this visit has gone to this point. shannon? >> the president has been on the scene and checked it out himself. what is he saying about the gulf in the wake of the spill? >> well, he is hoping to change the perception that many americans have. obviously all of us remember the live images of oil spewing out of the well into the gulf water and so he is trying to make a case that because of a variety of factors, that has changed.
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take a listen. >> as a result of the massive cleanup operation that has already taken place, a recent report by our top scientists report that the majority of the oil has now evaporated or dispersed or been burned, skimmed or recovered from the wellhead and that the oil is in the process of degradeing. but i will not be satisfied till the environment is restored, no matter how long it takes. >> so what people are hoping on the coast is the image of the obamas on a boat or swimming will turn the page on some of the unfortunate casualties of the spill. >> and you mention swimming. we got the photo. i guess folks there have to be thrilled, the president got in, we the proof? >> absolutely. did he it on his terms, had the white house photographer take the picture, didn't want a lot
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of fuss about him without his shirt on but it looked like a great family moment and it is absolutely what people here want the world to see of this area. >> mike live in panama city beach, florida with the president. thanks so much. >> thank you. today, bp is encouraging folks to watch out for potential scams in connection with the gulf oil spill. neither bp or any of its personal representatives would be knocking on your door and asking for personal information. there are reports that scammers have posed as bp employees. and making it clear that and he president obama are on the same page regarding the november 2011 withdrawal. >> general petraeus says they are on the same page about the plans to draw down next summer but says it would depend
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entirely on the conditions on the ground. in his first interview after taking over as commander of the war in afghanistan, he said it is premature to make any assessments about what happens next july but the deadline imparts a sense of urgency to the mission and doesn't find it stifling. he says he doesn't worry about politics and if the conditions call for it, would encourage the president to delay the drawdown. >> to provide the best military advice, informed of the context by which i provide it but not driven by it and that is the same way we approach the very difficult recommendations we made during the effort in iraq. >> regarding the leak of thousands of afghan war records to the website wikileaks, petraeus says it is beyond unfortunate and a betrayal of trust. >> as we look through it more
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and more, there are source names and actual names of individuals with whom we have partnered in difficult missions and difficult places and obviously that is very reprehensible. >> and asked whether he might consider a run for president himself, the general said no way, no how, he is not a politician and never will be one. >> doesn't mean that folks will stop trying to tkaft draft him, though. >> that's right. shooting dozens of feet in the air as crews set down power to several blocks downtown. hundreds of tourists and d.c. residents were forced to evacuate their homes and hotels last night when it is believed a transformer blew out. good news. no reports of any serious injuries. well, the heat is on. parts of the country once again bracing for record temperatures. our chief meteorologist rick is at the fox news center with the forecast and how does it look,
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rick? >> kind of a broken record. all summer long we have been dealing with this heat and in fact it is the hottest six months globally that we have seen and here is the point, 108 degrees in memphis at 10:00. but colder air will slowly sink down towards part of the southeast and we will drop our temperatures a little bit, get maybe a little more reasonable temperatures as we move forward this week. still warm, just a little better. so we have heat advisories here, now we see the heat build in areas farther to the west so places like the pacific northwest who have not seen much of a summer, your temperatures in the upper 80s, lower 90s and then cooling down by tuesday. we have tropical storm number 5 and right here in the water so we could see some development from that later this week. shannon? >> thank you for the updates.
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>> you bet. investors worried the u.s. economy might be headed for deflation, a dangerous dip in prices, demand and employment. what exactly does deflation do and what can it do to you? secretary of labor from 2001-2009 and a fox news contributor joins us live from louisville, kentucky. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so why should americans be concerned about this as a possibility? >> well, definitely it is not a good thing. deflation means our economy continues to retract and people don't have confidence in the economy, don't have much to spend on things they want to buy and employers are not hiring. basically the federal reserve action this past tuesday was unexpected, controversial and clearly has an economic impact that is very uncertain but it clearly shows the federal reserve is very concerned about the further direction of our economy, whether it is going to go in a positive direction as we
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expected or whether it will fall back into a period of very slow or no-growth of the economy which is very, very bad for consumers, for employers and for our country overall. >> and i know one economist writing about this likened it to the fact that the federal reserve and administration basically have no bullets left in the gun to fire at you are a economic situation. i mean, what else do you think we could be doing at this point? >> well, it is interesting the federal reserve acted at this time because clearly it was unexpected and it shows a tremendous lack of confidence in the strength of the economy. basically they are saying all the economic policies of this administration have not worked and that unemployment remains stuck at 9.5% even though 2 million workers have exited the workforce in a very discouraged state. they have given up looking for work. the gdp numbers are going to be revised downward to an anemic
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less than 1%. productive growth has declined as well. housing prices remain very weak so all the signs of the economy, with continued troubled waters ahead and the federal reserve felt they had no choice but to do and go that is what is so startling about what they did. unfortunately at this point what really needs to be done is for the government to have new policies. they need to get out of the way and stop hampering job growth because what is happening in this economy now is a tremendous lack of confidence in the government's policies. employers are not hiring, sitting on hoards of cash because they are afraid of increased taxes going forward, inflation going forward, they feel that washington is stifling them with overly burdensome and onerous regulations and are very concerned about the future of the economy and consequently,
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they are not hiring. without new hiring, private sector job growth has been very weak. now, the president says there have been seven months of job creation. there have been less than 10,000 jobs created in the private sector in seven months. that is pathetic because we need at least 150,000 net new jobs to be created in the private sector just to keep even with population growth. what this administration needs to do is to make sure we don't increase taxes next year, that we stop this tremendous increase in regulation. this administration believes that the private sector is under-taxed and under-regulated and that is why this economy is underperforming. >> we'll continue to watch to see how the policies play out. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. still ahead, why american troops serving overseas may have another battle on their hands over their right to vote.
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incumbents in washington, new polls done by the associated press show 32% of independent voters want democrats keep control after this election. and many say the economy is the top problem. 42% trust republicans more when it comes to the economy as opposed to 36% of democrats to solve of problem. talking about the "ground zero" mosque and how it might become an election issue as well and general petraeus' support in afghanistan. excellent show, you had a coup of key players from the senate and right off the bat, talked about the president's comments about the music near "ground zero"? >> yes, senators reed and cornyn said they were a little surprised by the white house take and recalibration and
12:21 pm
elaboration on the recalibration. i think senator reed was clearly in the position that it is a local issue and senator cornyn mentioned that as well but what was interesting is senator cornyn talked about it as an election issue and he is the head of the seupbt republican campaign committee. i think you are going to see this in a number of different races where relations say where is my opponent on the mosque at "ground zero". when you look at the polls saying 68% of the people say it shouldn't be there, that is potentially an issue and perhaps why the white house came out with the numerous statements. >> and we have seen candidates from other states, florida comes to mind, weighing in on it so it could possibly play out in the fall elections. the other issue, afghanistan and you had a chance to ask senator reed on that? >> yes, he has been to afghanistan many times, senator
12:22 pm
reed. when general petraeus says the situation on the ground will determine what happens in the drawdown in 2011 and what the administration is saying, i wanted to press on that. senator reed thinks the keys have essentially been handed over to general petraeus and that he will make that call when they get to 2011. that stands in contrast to what v.i.p -- vice president biden has said privately. i think there is still a disconnect but senator reed has said general petraeus is at the helm. >> and where they are looking forward to the fall and what he thinks about it this time or whether it will take a little longer. >> he was cautiously optimistic
12:23 pm
about the republicans' view. he said it might take ten seats but there is an outside strait possible for him and republicans to take control. i think the prospect in the house if you listen to most analysts is that they are creeping up on the 40 number which is obviously tipping the balance of power there. >> we will of course be following that here at fox news a very spirited panel and folks will not want to miss your special vice-president royal meeting. thank you very much. thank you. don't miss exclusive interviews with senators john cornyn and jack reed at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox newschannel. it will be an explosive issue this summer no matter what side of the issue you are on and president obama has directed tax president obama has directed tax dollars towards border security when i group,
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in the wake of fierce criticism, president obama is now weighing his words about building a mosque near "ground zero" very carefully. >> the president is clarifying remarks he made at the white house friday night saying the muslims have the right to build a mosque near "ground zero" but expanded on that yesterday saying he was only commenting on the right to do so, not whether
12:28 pm
it is a good idea. looks like authorities may have charged the wrong guy for a shooting outside a buffalo, new york restaurant. today prosecutors dropped charges against johnson. he is still in jail on a parole violation. and disturbing images. witnesses say bodies were scattered everywhere in a truck in an offroad race plowed into a crowd in california. the driver had to run from an angry crowd. and in the ted stevens plane crash, clouds were below 600 feet at the time, well below the previous estimate of 1-2000 feet. the plane crash killed ted stevens and four others. are the israelis and palestinians inches away from sitting down to the bargaining
12:29 pm
table? everyone is wondering when peace talks may resume. we go live to jerusalem for the latest. >> reporter: sources within the politician authority have been telling reporters here in the middle east that the palestinians are going to break talks in the next few days. this would be a major breakthrough to the so-called kaurtet, the u.s., russia, and the two parties. the president says he wants guarantees before he sits down. israel says they are always willing to sit down and talk about refuse to offer any assurances or pre-conditions. so far, there has been pressure on the palestinians to accept the talks that are essential for the con sit kwrepbs --
12:30 pm
constituent con constituentcy in the region. an olive branch extended to the palestinians to get them to sit down expires august 26th and so far that will not be extended. if talks begin before the 26th in the next six or so weeks, there is a feeling israel will extend part of the freeze or have a partial freeze to keep everybody at the negotiating table and the past couple of weeks, we have been hearing rumblings from the palestinians that they are going to talk. similar reports came out last weekend but it does appear
12:31 pm
international pressure is getting to the palestinians and inching them closer to the negotiating table. >> okay, thank you for the latest from jerusalem. allen bursten made a stop at the border own tuesday prior to introducing a bill for $6 billion for border security. here is some talk about how the money will be spent. >> this is not about turning on or off the problem, it is about bringing resources there and coordinating activities of law enforcement so over time, you can deal with this issue. this is going to happen in arizona. >> he also said he will advice homeland security secretary janet napalitano to keep the resources moving and keep the pressure on. and a rally along the border for tougher action but in washington, a calculus on an issue that could be dangerous
12:32 pm
for both republicans and democrats. former communications director for rick santorum and the former press secretary for john kerry's campaign in 2008, welcome to you both. good to see you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> starting with immigration, how does it play out in the fall election? >> i think this will be a major issue with the left and the right. the white house has to be very careful not to sound to be phobic about the browning of america, if you will but they also have to be very careful because folks are worried about getting in the front of the line and republicans have to be very careful not to antagonize latinos and his spans nicks because they need this group of individuals in the upcoming elections, not just in 2012 but 2016 and down the road.
12:33 pm
>> i thought it interesting after the president signed the bill on friday, we heard murmorings from the right and the left that it didn't go far enough and others thought it was too radical. can the president win on this issue because it is a tough one? >> yes, this issue is fraught with issues on both sides. we have been working a long time to promote comprehensive legislation to resolve most of these problems. the democratic congress tried to work with bush on that in 2006 and it was the republicans in the senate and congress in particular that blocked that effort. there are solutions that would be fair for everybody it is just obstruction from republicans in congress that won't let anything go forward because they would rather have a wedgeish to drive the electorate in the fall on this issue. >> to be clear, are they playing politics with this issue in the
12:34 pm
gop? >> well, i think everybody is playing politics and we're talking about people's lives here. it is a simple solution, secure the borders. it is very simple. make sure folks who come into this country are documented, a, and people who not in the country legally, get sent back to where they came from. that is simplistic. trent lott and other folks tried to bring a bipartisan bill to the floor and democrats blocked the bill so what we have to do is come up with a common-sense solution to secure the borders and hopefully democrats and republicans will not make this a political issue but a secure issue. >> when we come back, we'll >> when we come back, we'll continue our conversation. [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas
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you may remember the case of a man who was accused of meeting women on considerationl -- craigslist and meeting them at hotels where one was murdered. the so-called craigslist killer, source say now has reportedly killed himself. it happened in his jail cell last night. he was charged in the april 18th killing and armed robbery of
12:39 pm
another woman. he was using anonymous e-mail addresses and pre-paid cell phones to set up meetings with these women. they had advertised in his erotic services category. he pleaded not guilty and he was charged in an alleged attack on a stripper in reed island. source now saying, again, this man has committed suicide. robert gibbs opened up a whole new line of attacks from the democratic party when he said someone on the left should be drug-tested and they couldn't wouldn't be satisfied till we had canadian healthcare and eliminated the pentagon. and here is what he had to say about the sound byte. >> it was inartful and one of those things he should have kept in the thought bubble over his head rather than say. >> the comment a little too close to home and this is the sound byte we were trying to bring you in the break.
12:40 pm
so let's bring back our panelists and david, we give you the first crack at this. the administration is now punching back over what they call the professional left. do they anticipate at any point that they would be getting those attacks in this administration so early on? >> i think a lot has been made about this comment and we're probably beating it to death, especially on this network but i think what it has shown is president obama is not the left wing ideal that the tea party right-wingers claim that he is. he has shown he is a pragmatic solution-oriented president, looking at compromise to find ways to get things done. he has achieved on healthcare, stimulus, education and i think what roert said expose-- robert said exposes the fact that president obama isn't the boogie man that they say he is.
12:41 pm
>> i think he doesn't say things unless he thinks them through so is it over the mid-term elections or are we overreading it? >> two things. roberts does not say anything without the president obama's approval so something t tells me it was something the president was thinking, al lead outloud. this is not the first time this obama white house has ticked off the left on a certain issue and it seems to me as a former political operative that perhaps there is some rereverse psychology going on here. the democrats know exactly what they are trying to do, to position themselves down the middle of the road so folks going to the polls in november will say you know, perhaps they are not as harmful as we think they are. but the fact of t matter is you look at their policies and actions and some of the things
12:42 pm
they say, nothing could be further from the truth. >> david, i want to ask you and let you have the final word here. is it frustrating for the white house that they can point out and say we have gotten healthcare, financial regulation done, incredible progress in 18 months, why is the left coming after us? >> well, the left is not coming after the president, they are ticked off as robert said but not as he pointed out. it is not positioning for the white house to say they are pragmatic and entering when you look at all the accomplishments at the end of the day. what they are ticked off about is the uniform blocking of every single thing the president wants in congress. every time they offer them an olive branch, they snap it off and stick it in our eye, make proportions on every piece of legislation and then when we get to the end, don't support it and that is what roberts is ticked off about, the fact that he has
12:43 pm
not been the left wing they expected, he has been pragmatic and right down the middle of the road and the policies reflect that. >> i know you take exception to that but we have to leave it there. we would be happy to have you back to pick up this debate where we left it today. thanks for dropping in this sunday. >> thank you. >> thank you. while it may not yet be a trend, several democratic candidates are obviously trying to put distance between themselves and party leadership including president obama and there are very visible ways they are doing it. >> it is the most talked-about ad on illegal immigration. >> deport illegals and forget amnesty. no one should be rewarded for breaking the law. i don't work for them, i work for you. >> come again? a house democrat blasting his
12:44 pm
own president and lawmakers? he is leading opponents by 20 points and his south bend district, home of the fighting irish is hardly a battleground in the immigration wars. running the congressional campaign committee, this man doesn't see it as the rantings of a madman. >> obama is not top lar in the southwest so they have to make their own case. in the case of incumbents, they have to say what they have done for districts in their state. >> but the current chairman responding to the donnelly ad questioning its wisdom and santee. >> you can't win with the democrats without energizing the voters and if you pour cold water on them, it is tough. >> democrats saying they are not who they are, i think is crazy. >> meanwhile, democrats in eight states have made a similar play, asking if they, through too, should be considered crazy.
12:45 pm
>> i am a truck driver, shot-gun shooting, bible reading, crime-fighting, family-loving country boy. >> but he omitted the word democrat as did this man in mississippi. >> i voted for both parties and worked for small businesses to create more jobs and are against the out of control spending in washington. >> well, last year's military and overseas voter empowerment act or move was supposed to insure states would mail has a septemberee ballots to overseas troops 45 days in advance of the election but now they are saying it would be an undue hardship to comply with the law. >> it is not the kind of transparency whether we can vote for ourselves whether it is an excuse or if there are legitimate problems. if there are problems, we want
12:46 pm
to overcome the obstacles, not maintain them. >> now that 12 states or territories have requested waivers, this is a controversial issue and is far from over. we will have the colorado secretary of state next hour to explain why colorado needs a waiver for getting the ballots outs ahead of the fall elections. the man accused of a rash of fatal stabbings across the country is now in custody but why did they let him go? robert wheeler joins us after a robert wheeler joins us after a quick time-out. very purchase. echo! so we eaed a trip to the grand canyon twice as fast. uh-oh. we get double mis every time we use r card. i'll te these. no matter what we're buying. plus the damages. and since double miles add up quick, we can bring thehole gang. it's hard to beat double miles. no we ride them! [ me announcer ] introducing the venture card from capital one, with le miles on evy purchase every day.
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the man suspected of multiple stabbings across the country is now in police custody but could authorities have caught him even earlier? police in arlington, virginia pulled over the suspect in a routine traffic stop and then let him go. joining us now to talk about the case is rob wheeler, a former d.c. homicide detective. thanks for coming in today. >> good to be here, shannon. >> we understand he was stopped before in a traffic violation, wasn't a suspect we knew of at that point but slipped away. >> exactly. at the time the police departments obviously just five minutes from here, they had no clue this guy was actually
12:51 pm
wanted in the state of michigan for those alleged stabbings. the good news is the communication quickly spread across the country amongst multiple police departments utilizing what we call teletype and as a result of that, he was intercepted at the airport and that is how they were able to apprehend him quickly. >> and he is accused of up to 18 stabbings, some of them fatal. he was 45 minutes from getting a flight to israel. >> exactly. >> tell us how the system stopped him because he was successful at times. >> 18 confirmed cases and may be as many as 21, 22 cases from the latest information i just learned. what happened is the police in flint eurbgs michigan had a good description of the guy, the eyewitnesses who survived the stabbings gave a good description of the guy so the information quickly went by way of teletype to the police in ohio and the d.c. area.
12:52 pm
they put this guy's information on the targeting website information list. when he flew from virginia down to atlanta to the hartsfield airport, that is when the atlanta police were able to intercept him about to board a flight. we didn't have that technology five or six years ago but we have it now and it works excellently. so this is a clear example of how our homeland security dollars are working to our benefit. >> you have contacts in the local police departments. what are you hearing about this case? >> i think police departments are working very hard at this case. i am hearing that they are continuously looking for more victims because there is a possibility, shannon, that mr. may be more victims we have not identified yet. there are building this case and looks like michigan will be the first state to get a grab at him legally in court. but they are asking people to call in and they have over 700 leads pertaining to this guy, new information so as the days go by, we will learn a lot more
12:53 pm
about who this guy was and what were his motives. a lot of people are saying it was racially motivated but we don't know yet. why? because three were not of africa man american dissent. but homeland security dollars did work and we have this guy off the streets and hats off to police departments in three straights. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you, shannon. will troops not be able to vote in mid term elections? are states dragging their feet getting the ballots out or is this unfortunate timing? we will hear about that straight ahead. and there is a lot of disagreement but there is one theme uniting voters. what that you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber. this tastes way too good to be fiber. they're delicious crunchy clusters with sweet honey and half a day's worth of fiber. you care about my fiber? not really. [ male announcer ] fiber one.
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12:57 pm
>> shannon: very bad news for incumbents here in washington. the latest fox news opinion dynamics polls out with interesting results about what americans think about congress, president obama and the controversial mosque planned for the the area that near ground zero in new york. jamie colby has more. >> there may not be much americans agree on these days. >> we are here, we refuse to live in fear. >> when it comes to the mid term elections there is one theme that appears to elect voters. none of the above. according to the latest fox news opinion dynamics poll, 62% of voters believe that most
12:58 pm
representatives of congress do not deserve to be reelected. that is almost three times as many who believe they are. so, who is to blame? 58% disapproved of the job democrats are doing in congress and the republicans don't fare much better. 57% disapproved of gop's performance in congress. but if the election were held today, 44% of voters say they would back the republican candidate in their congressional district, giving the republicans a slim lead over democratic opponents. in lower manhattan the battle continues to swirl around a proposal to build a mosque so close to ground zero. >> there are plenty of places they could put the mosque in new york city. i'm not saying that the mosque should not be anywhere in new york city but why here? >> i'm a muslim and i believe the cordoba house should be approved because it is an important symbol for new york
12:59 pm
city. >> a fox news poll found that while 61% of voters think the muslim group has the right to build the mosque, 64% still believe it would be wrong to build it at that location. in new york, jamie colby, fox news. >> shannon: this is fox news alert. brand new developments in that deadly shooting outside of buffalo restaurant we told you about yesterday. police admit they were wrong. they have dropped the charges against the man they thought was responsible for killing four people and injuring four others. we'll tell you why, next. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. vacation with a purpose. they got in swimming and mini golf but now the first family is wrapping up a vacation to florida's gulf coast. a triple local residents was hoping to see. mike emanuel is traveling with the president and his family. he is live in panama beach.
1:00 pm
they look like a family having fun on vacation but this is a trip with a purpose, right? >> the initial focus of the federal government was capping that well and now they are pivoting if you will to the damage done to the economies along the gulf coast including many, many tourism dollars lost. i talked to the chamber of commerce official who said that this season is dead. what they are hoping is the image of the president of the united states and his family on a boat with a porpoise jumping out of the water will convince some americans when booking their next vacation that they will consider destinations like this one to try to help out neighbors in need and have a good time which we have seen the president doing between the boat ride, the mini golf and also going for a swim yesterday, shannon. >> and we know that tourism as taken a hit even in the beaches and communities where they have been perfectly clean and not having an impact there. did the president talk about that? >> he certainly did. it is a great concern to people
1:01 pm
here. they make about 70% of their money during the summer tourism season so that is why they are saying that the season is dead. here is the case the president is making for a comeback for the area. >> i also want to point out that as a result of the cleanup effort beaches all along the gulf coast are clean. they are safe. and they are open for business. that is one of the reasons michelle, sasha and i are here. >> and obviously the people in the area welcome the visit. 27 hours long. a local chamber of commerce official says obviously we wish there would have been here for a few days but they are thrilled that the first family came here and hoping that the images of them here will have a long-term impact on the community. >> shannon: there is one things that folks were hoping they would do, did they do it?
1:02 pm
>> went for a swim yesterday afternoon. a picture that has' peered on this news program and around the world and the hope is that that will be the lasting image of the gulf coast. the president of the united states having fun with his daughter in the water. encouraging people to come back and check out the water. >> shannon: we hope that picture will do its job. if you want to send us pictures of your visit we would love to see those, too. >> thank you. >> shannon: thanks, mike. california police are investigating a deadly race. 8 people killed and 12 hurt when an offroading race in the california desert went horribly wrong. a truck flew off a jump and into a crowd. there was no guard railing to separate them from the track. the unidentified driver was said to be fine but had to run away from the angry crowd when they started throwing rocks at him. buffalo authorities have dropped charges against a man accused of killing four people and wounding four others yesterday. evidence and witness statement
1:03 pm
dos not back up the original charges against 25-year-old keith johnson but he is still being held on an unrelated parole violation. will gay marriages resume in california this wednesday? that is up to a federal appeals court. advocates argued in part that supporters don't even have the right to argue the question. >> gay marriage advocates scored a major victory but it was not complete. the chief judge vaughn walker found proposition gay unconstitutional and ruled that gay marriages would resume, but not until wednesday. >> if you were planning on having the wedding on the 18th, don't put down any nonrefundable deposits. >> the decision is now with the 9th circuit court. prop 8 supporters want an emergency stay to put gay marriages on hold. last night, gay marriage supporters filed this motion saying their opponents do not
1:04 pm
have standing or the right to ask the courts for a stay. >> the question becomes for the proponents of prop 8 do they have a specific particularized injury in what judge walker did and it is not clear that they do under current law. >> governor schwarzenegger or attorney general jerry brown would have a clear right to appeal but both it decided not to challenge the resumption of guy marriages. >> i'm hoping that you will have county clerk recorders that will refuse the issue because they as public servants should be representing the people they serve which did uphold proposition 8. >> some are gifting for a loss but it could be the other way. >> i would assume the 9th circuit is going to continue the stay. that is the sort of safest bet. >> shannon: so the 9th circuit court is going to decide whether the gay marriages can resume next week.
1:05 pm
the larger ruling, the appeal on the overall constitutionality of prop 8 is not going to come down until the case is heard and that could be at least several months away. a clarification or a flip flop? after his earlier remarks about building a mosque at ground zero ignited a firestorm of criticism president obama has spoken out again. he says he was defending religion freedom and not giving his stamp to that mosque or the location. >> what was once a local zoning issue ma it is at metastized is national political issue. until recently this plan by a muslim consortium to erect a 13 story cultural center two blocks north of the former twin towers site had been cast by the obama white house as strictly a local matter. at friday's white house dinner an annual event marking the end of the ramadan fast for
1:06 pm
muslims, president obama at first appeared supportive of the project only to address the issue again on saturday and in a more circumspect way. >> let me be clear as a citizen and as president i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. and that includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower manhattan in accordancy local laws and ordinance. >> i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. that is what our country is about. >> on saturday night, white house spokesman bill burtonnish issued a statement saying in part of the president what he said last night and reta reaffd is if is church or synagogue
1:07 pm
can be built on a site you cannot deny that right to those who want to build a mosque. the republican senator spear heading his party's effort to regain control of the senate says he thinks that president obama with his comments on the mosque controversy betrayed how "disconnected he is from mainstream america." bret baier sitting in for chris wallace asked if this will become a campaign issue this fall? >> i think whether you are connected with the issue or listening to lecturing to them this is the dichotomy that people sense that they are being lectured to and not listened to and that is the reason people are upset with washington. to that extent, yes. >> park 51 as the mask project is now called has the backing of new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the new york governor has suggested an alternate location. shannon? >> shannon: we'll see if there is any change. thank you. four road side bombs in two separate attacks killed three
1:08 pm
and wounded 13 in baghdad today. in eastern baghdad a roadside bomb hit a mini bus. general david petraeus is making it clear he is not a politician, doesn't have a plan to be. the man who has taken over the war effort in afghanistan discussed his new leading role in leading the effort in afghanistan and the troop pullout date this morning. malini wilkes is here with the latest. >> he says he will offer his advise to president obama about withdrawing troops from afghanistan next july and indicated his advice won't be influenced by political pressure. he said previously the drawdown would depend on conditions on the ground. in his first interview since taking over, he said he doesn't find the deadline style.
1:09 pm
but he says if the situation calls for he would advise the president to slow down the withdrawal. >> what the president very much wants from me and what we talked about in the oval office is the responsibility of a military commander on the ground to provide his best professional military advice. >> regarding a leak of thousands of afghan war records to the website wiki leaks, petraeus called it reprehensible. he says the documents contain names of sources and locations of missions. >> this is beyond unfortunate. i mean this is a betrayal of trust. someone who apparently had access to highly classified material. >> and asked whether he might consider a run for president himself general petraeus said no way, he is not a politician and he will never be one. shannon? >> shannon: stop folks from trying to convince him
1:10 pm
otherwise. thank you, tough news for home owners out there. folks looking for federal housing administration backed home loans will face new regulations and new rules. brenda buttner is the host of bulls and bears. it could take effect as soon as this month? >> believe it or not, some government agencies actually believe they have to be solvent, that is, they have to live by the same rules that we do and they have to have some money in the bank and just a few years ago most mortgages issued by or backed by the fha were just about 5% of all mortgages. now, it is 30%. so they really have to have more money in the bank. what they are requiring basically is some credit scores are going to have to be higher. youville to have at -- you will have to have at least a 500 score to have a decent mortgage and homes may be less
1:11 pm
affordable. they want to change the seller's contribution to more than 3.5% to about 6.5%. there will be higher standards in some cases. it is rather ironic, however, that the federal housing administration is going to be backing giving a safety net, that is, so some really high end condos here in new york, especially. the ones that cost about $3 million that have such amenities as pet salons, a concierge and the like. kind of a dichotomy here. >> not too shabby. what does this mean, bottom line to the average person out there trying to buy a home? >> it is going be a little harder if you go for an fha backed loan. the problem is a lot of banks are really requiring that, they want the government backing because, you know, in this era of the bailout it makes more sense to have the government behind something, whether it is a car company or a bank or are
1:12 pm
whatever. so, it may make it a little bit harder you may have to have a higher credit score, you may have to pay a little bit more. >> shannon: are you seeing any evidence that we are seeing a repeat of tactics that led us to the whole subprime mess? >> like i was saying that is the ironic thing about the whole issue is there is a lot of buying and then bailing. a lot of people are bailing on homes, foreclosing after they get a mortgage for a new home, which, you know, is really antithetical to the whole idea that that you are supposed to buy a home that is affordable. and there are some $1,000 mortgages out there being offered by state housing agencies and by fannie mae. those are the kinds of things that let us into the whole housing mess and the whole financial mess that we faced just a few years ago. so there is some concern about
1:13 pm
that despite the fact that there will be higher standards by the fha. >> shannon: brenda, here is hoping we all learned lessons through that. >> that's exactly right. >> shannon: brenda buttner, anchor of bulls and bears. great to see you. coming up, a look to the election in the great state of washington where a former profootball player is among the cast of candidates. and peter doocey. >> the shellers are so everwhelmed that a lot of them like this little guy garrett are ending up here in new mexico. i will tell you about that -- here in new jersey. i'll tell you about that,ro i coming up. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight. i want to run a marathon. i'm going to work with kids.
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>> shannon: the military and overseas voter empowerment act or the move act requires states to mail absentee ballots to the troops nearly four months before the election. states have failed to implement and it could keep troops on the frontlines from getting the chance to vote. we have a couple of guests to hash this out. eric is the executive director
1:18 pm
of the mvp project and bernie busher is the colorado secretary of state. thank you both for joining us to talk about this. >> glad to be here. >> it's a pleasure. >> mr. secretary, i want to start with you. under this law this is a waiver provision that allows states to get a waiver if they show that they have undue hardship. we are told that colorado is going to apply or has applied for that waiver. tell us why you can't get the ballots out in time? >> shannon, first of all, the move act is a great piece of legislation. it does have a number of federal mandates in it and one is difficult for some of the colorado counties to comply with. we have 11,299 overseas voters. of that 1,042 of them are in the military. in 2008, colorado was one of the leading states, had over 80% of our military overseas return their ballot successfully. we have take and number of steps to try to enhance the
1:19 pm
opportunity for our military to vote. in this election, we will actually be extending the time for military votes to be counted for 8 days after november 2. the problem is that because we have a late primary and we have a very careful certification process to make sure that our -- the integrity of our elections is good, some of our counties, mostly the smaller counties have a difficult time complying with the 45 day period. so they may be mailing out the ballots 40 days but if you look at that 40 days and add the 8 days that our state adds on to count ballots after the general election date of november 2, we are actually giving more days for our mill tare than is required by the move act but we are not doing it the same way that the feds mandated and that is the reason why we are asking for a waiver one time from the 45 day provision.
1:20 pm
>> shannon: one of the people most concerned is senator john cornyn of texas. he was a backer of the act with senator chuck schumer. we talked to him and here is what he told us. >> we shouldn't allow either because of foot dragging at the state level or through the federal bureaucracy foot dragging to impede military voting and i would be interested in seeing the reasons documented why they feel like it is impossible for them to comply. that is the only excuse if it is impossible. not if it is inconvenient. not if they don't want to. not for any one of a host of other reasons. >> shannon: eric, i want to bring you in. you used to be with the doj. an an attorney in the voting rights section. do you think it is a good enough explanation of the hardship they will face? >> absolutely not. one of the frustrations that i experienced over the last six
1:21 pm
months as states tried to implement the move act is that some of the states are not being that innovative in finding ways to make sure that our service members have sufficient time. unfortunately, a prime example of this lack of innovation is colorado. colorado secretary of state recently issued a letter indicateing that the reason that some of these counties can't get the ballots out in sufficient time is that it is going to take more than 15 days for some of these counties to print the absentee ballots and mail them. we have to find a better excuse or a reason not to comply with the move act than the fact that it takes 15 days to print ballots. walk down to kinkos, put it in the copier, print them and get them to the troops so they have time to vote. >> shannon: is that a viable option for you to expedite the printing and get these things done? >> well, shannon, that is a statement of a washington insider who has never actually
1:22 pm
been in some of the counties and seen how they have to prepare the ballots. we have got counties that have over 2,000 different voter styles. that means there is 2,000 different forms in the county. it takes a good bit of time and a lot of care to make sure that they are preparing ballots accurately and then to make sure that each citizen overseas gets the right ballot. to suggest that you can walk across the street to kinkos isn't consistent with reality. i was in alamosa colorado yesterday and this is a small county that has 40 overseas military voters but they will neat lots and lots of different ballots. it may not be just one ballot, it more likely is a couple of dozens of different types of ballots. and to suggest that these county clerks don't work hard,
1:23 pm
just doesn't comport with reality. >> shannon: eric we are out of time but i want to give you a final word to wrap this up. >> at the end of the day we need to find solutions and make sure that the service members have sufficient time to vote and our primary concern as we get 34 days before the deadline for mailing ballots we still have over a third of the states still don't appear to be in compliance with the 45 day deadline and we need to find solutions very quickly to ensure that our service members have enough time to vote and make sure that their votes are counted. >> shannon: and i'm sure that is one thing that you both agree on. thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: the government's point man in the gulf oil spill cleanup is ordering bp to perform additional tests before it finishes drilling a relief well. retired coast guard admiral thad allen says it could be tomorrow or early tuesday before they know the results of the test.
1:24 pm
that means it would be next weekend at the earliest before the damaged well, is plugged for good. some gulf coast residents are finding it more and more difficult to care for pets. louisiana shelters are overwhelmed by the in flux of pets and they are looking to shelters elsewhere to help. peter doocey is in new jersey. >> people are being forced it give up really members of their family like garrett and yoda. 94 dogs came to new jersey. some were lucky enough to end up here at saint hubert's in madison. they are saying that the pet situation in the gulf is as bad as it was after katrina. if the dogs do not get transported up to new jersey what would happen? >> the shelters are out of space and so it was a dire situation and that is why the shelters were calling out for help and we are very glad that we were able to respond. >> and they are sending dogs to
1:25 pm
all different parts of the country. 94 came up here on a transport this week. how do you get 94 dogs from the bayou to the big apple? >> thankfully the humane society of the united states donated the use of their big rig and drove them up here. it is a big rig that is appropriately named and 94 dogs were loaded on down in new orleans. >> and these guys are members of people's families. tell me about yoda. why was he surrendered? >> he is a 3-year-old chihuahua and he was surrendered, someone was downsizing into an apartment and had to move financially so he was given up. they couldn't take him with them. >> if people watching out there want to rescue one of these animals what should they do? >> visit our website www.saint and on there is information about animals available here and all of our partner programs across new jersey who took in animals into
1:26 pm
their placement programs as. all of us here in the d.c. bureau have fallen in love with these doggies. we will make sure that folks know how to get to the website. thank you, peter. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: good news to report. a little bear cub whose head was stuck in for ten days, animal experts say the cub was days away from death because he couldn't eat or drink while it was stuck on his head. they had to tranquilize the mother to get to the cub. he has been freed and everyone is doing great now. south carolina senate candidatal vin greene has said some crazy things in the past but what you are about to hear could take the cake. we will check in with radio host keith larson from the carolinas, up next. you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah.
1:27 pm
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>> shannon: in the wake of fierce criticism, president obama is now clarifying his remarks about building a mosque near ground zero. malini wilkes standing by with the top of the news. >> the president is explaining what he meant on friday when said muslims had the right to build a mosque near ground zero. yesterday he expanded on that saying he was only remarking on the right to do so, not whether it was a good idea. authorities in buffalo, new york, may have gotten the wrong guy in a deadly shooting outside a restaurant there. this morning, prosecutors dropped murder charges against keith johnson. four people kill and four others injured in the shooting.
1:31 pm
police are investigating a terrible crash in california. during a race an offroad truck plowed into the crowd, 8 people were killed, 12 others injured. the driver wasn't hurt but had to run from the angry crowd. and a pilot flying near the spot where former senator ted stevens plane crash says clouds were as low as 600 feet at the time of the crash, well below the previous estimate of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. the crash in alaska killed stevens and four others. those are the top stories. shannon, back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much. the associated press is now reporting that the alleged craigslist killer is dead in an apparent jailhouse suicide. he used prepaid cell phones to set up meetings with women who advertised on the exotic services section of craigslist. he was charged in the 2008 murder of jalissa. he was also charged in an alleged attack on a stripper in
1:32 pm
rhode island. he had pleaded not guilty to those charges. today, apparently dead by suicide. we are countdown to the mid term elections. this tuesday, washington state will hold its senate primary. 15 candidates go head to head to advance to the november election. from a sitting senator to a former profootball player turned politician. joining us is larry sabato to break it down. washington has a unique primary system. it is not done by party. explain what it going to happen on tuesday. >> an all party primary. everybody who wants to run for senate files in the primary and the top two finishers move on to the november 2 general election. it is unique and washington state has had one form or another of this for a long time. >> shannon: with that in mind, there are a couple of top democrats and republicans bubbling up. we obviously have an incumbent
1:33 pm
in the race. >> there are really only three strong candidates, with all due respect to the others running. senator patty murray finishing her third turn and running for a fourth turn. the democratic nominee for all practical purposes she will move into the general. two republicans at the top. the most likely to finish in the top two is de dino rossi. he lost the closest race in american history for governor earlier this decade. he is a strong candidate and that is going be a closely watched race if those two are in the finals. also another candidate who has attracted a lot of interest, a tea party candidate, clint recognizablell be row to sports fans. he has don't the support of sarah palin but -- he has gotten the support of sarah
1:34 pm
palin. >> rossi and murray come out on top heading into the fall election what does the matchup look like? >> it is really close. this is what is interesting. if republicans are to beat the expectations game and take over the senate, they are expected to gain seats but not win the 10 seats necessary for control, if they are to win the senate they have to break through in democratic states like, washington, california, wisconsin, that have incumbent democrats running for reelection. i think everybody is going to be watching, washington state in the fall. it is a good indicator of the republican party's strength in the u.s. senate contest. >> shannon: larry sabato, always great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: we now know that south carolina's democratic nominee alvin greene has been indicted on obscenity charges. he is the longest of shots to unseat the imcumbent jim
1:35 pm
demint. keith larson speaks with mr. greene on a regular basis and did so on his fridays with alvin segment. how do you think he will handle the indictment, keith? >> fridays with alvin. we had a lot of conversations with him. you have to hear the full conversation as you did on friday, shannon. we have a bunch up on my website. he has been the summer distraction of 2010 for a lot of people. a bizarre story. but the charge is obviously serious. as a democratic u.s. senate nominee from south carolina could become a registered sex offender and we had a lot of slime balls in the senate but i don't know if we had a registered sex offender before but it could make ground. >> shannon: he could make history. democratic officials have asked him to step down. when was indicted on friday that was renewed. it doesn't look like he is going anywhere as far as we know at this point and you have
1:36 pm
pressed him to talk about key issues that may come up in the race. we want to play a little bit of your conversation with him this week. >> i want to summarize, so alvin greene you are opposed to gay marriage and you are opposed to the automatic birth right citizenship for kids of illegal aliens? >> yes. illegal immigrants. >> illegal -- you want to say immigrants not -- illegal immigrants. aliens, well, them, too, they would be from out of state. the illegal aliens would be from mars or jupiter or some where and we wouldn't want them taking advantage of our tax paying system, too. >> shannon: that seems reasonable to me. he doesn't want people either from outer space or other countries here illegally to take advantage. >> not a lot of people have been willing to stand up and say i'm serious about legal versus illegal even for the outer space aliens. he has been there. when talked about gay rights, i
1:37 pm
said alvin, you know, you are the democratic nominee for the u.s. senate and he said but i'm a moderate democrat. he said i would like to talk about energy. i said what about cap and trade and he said what's that? so, i don't know would to make of him. >> shannon: issues aside, you mentioned gay marriage. let's talk about that because we have the big prop 8 ruling this week or a stay on whether gay marriages will be able to resume in california. how is that playing in the carolinas? what are you hearing from the callers there? >> a lot of swirl on gay marriage because a lot of people believe or want to see themselves as believing in freedom and liberty and that the role of government is to ensure sure people's freedom and liberty but here comes gay marriage and a lot of those same people also believe that marriage is man and woman but again they also believe that what a man and a man might do is their own business again except for this notion of marriage being for a man and a woman. i think this one has the potential to cause a lot of
1:38 pm
swirl in the republican party. a lot of people trying to figure out wow, conservatives like ted olson and dick cheney speaking out strongly that gay marriage is freedom and liberty and they don't know what to make of that. >> keith larson thanks for joining us. can't wait to hear about your next conversation with alvin. >> thanks, shannon. >> is president obama trying to straddle both sides of the ground zero mosque controversy because it could be a campaign issue in november. hear what he said and decide for yourself. what promises to be a very spirited debate on this topic, coming up. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me. 80 calories? light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. light & fit. irresistible taste. fewer calories. i love light & fit. it's tough to get enough servings of vegetables
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1:42 pm
the idea of building a mosque near ground zero in lower manhattan is a very controversial one. need proof? on friday night, president obama weighed in saying america's commitment to religion freedom requires that the mosque be allow. >> as a citizen and as president i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country and that includes the right to build a place of worship in a community center on private property in lower manhattan. >> shannon: but yesterday in florida the president clarified the remarks with a comment that
1:43 pm
some say only muddied the waters. >> i was commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making a decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the rights that people have that dates back to our founding. >> shannon: what do americans think out there? the latest poll finds 30% think it is appropriate to build a mosque near ground zero but 64% say it is wrong. about religion and its freedoms here in our country? joining us for a fair and balanced debate is the national communications director for care and an attorney with the american center for law and justice. welcome to you both, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> ibrahim, i would like to start with you. does the president's comments and clarification and further clarification from the white house press secretary, does it hurt or help your cause if the president feels he is kind of on egg shells trying to state this?
1:44 pm
>> i think he has come out with a strong statement in support of muslims civil rights and civil liberties. for a few day there's his press secretaries were dodging the question saying it was a local issue. if you listen to talk radio around the country and read the editorial pages and letters to the editor. this is a national issue. a national campaign of dysinformation designed to marginalize american muslims and demonize islam and the muslim bashers behind the opposition to the center just seized on the legitimate emotions generated by the horrific 9/11 terror attacks. >> shannon: and the american center for law and justice many times fought on behalf of religions in this country. you have filed a lawsuit specifically connected to this mosque and what happened to the vote before the landmarks commission? >> we feel that the landmarks
1:45 pm
commission allowed politics to infuse their deliberative process. if you look at other buildings in the exact vicinity, 23-25 was landmarked in 2007. we feel that they allowed the politics of the issue to basically affect its decision and mr. ibrahim is mischaracterizing this. there are a lot of muslims who have come out and said this project is deliberately intended to provoke and to in flame. to cast this as an issue o of bigotry or religion freedom. >> if it is not islamphobia why is the hate monger scheduled to speak at an antimosque rally in new york on the anniversary of september 11th? >> so far as i know -- >> this is a man who has said ban the koran. this is a man who has said find muslim women who wear hijab and
1:46 pm
said end all muslim immigration to the west. and unfortunately, newt gingrich is going to stand next to this man, this hate monger at the rally on 9/11. one wonders if they are going to start -- >> mr. ibrahim. >> one wonders if they are going to join in on the koran burn, that same day in florida. >> i think a lot of americans want to know why you are are standing next to a guy who refuses to condemn hamas as a terrorist organization. >> any time a muslim raises his head now in america these hate mongers are going to hit him on the head. this imam is known as a proponent of interfaith dialogue, mutual understanding. >> okay, if you are a proponent of -- >> and to say that he is the one that is under attack here is truly mind boggling. >> shannon: let's give a chance to respond. >> if you are a proponent of interfaith dialogue, i suggest
1:47 pm
you should take into consideration the feelings of 70% of americans who oppose this. >> there are 9/11 families supportive of the center and as you get closer to new york support goes up in the polling. >> let's let brett the finish his thought. >> can i add something about president obama. i think if the president wants to show leadership on the issue rather than taking a stance and back tracking from it which he has done which he also did in the cambridge police controversy. i think he should invite both sides to the white house to sit down and discuss this. if you want a dialogue, we are prepared to have a dialogue. sit down and see if we can come up with a mutually acceptable resolution of the matter and i think the president would be well served to show leadership on the issue just like governor paterson tried to do here in new york. >> anybody is able to make a proposal to those planning the mosque. my organization is not planning it. we are merely defending the american muslim community from
1:48 pm
the smear merchants using this manufactured issue to bash islam and muslims. >> that is a straw -- you know it, nobody is bashing islam and suggesting that we ban mosques or ban -- >> there are people suggesting we been a mosques. >> my organization certainly is not. what we are saying is that this project is inappropriate given the time, given the circumstances, given the location. there are other places where you could go. this is deliberately provocative and inflammatory and that is not right. that is it. >> shannon: thank you both for a spirited debate. we would love to have you back to hash it out again. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: the u.n. secretary general says he has never seen a disaster as bad as the flooding in pakistan. they are aware of the flood waters are flowing. united nations secretary moon
1:49 pm
is urging to hurry up with the aid. a dozen more are expected to try to get in there this week. the floods killed at least 1500 people and damaged nearly 8 million acres of crops. today's top stories coming up next. it is the stuff of science fiction. home genetics kits that may predict cancer or diabetes. do the benefits outweigh the concerns. a live report on that, straight ahead. activia's great new taste?
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the first family is now wheels up on air force one headed back to andrews air force base in the d.c. area from what some are calling a pr vacation on the gulf coast. president obama isn't the only golfer in the family. nine-year-old sasha hit a hole in one playing mini golf. her father gave her a hi-five and declared her stroke unbelievable. president obama made par on the hole with two strokes again. they have wrapped up their time on the gulf and headed back to d.c. >> at home genetic testing. is it legit? is it right for you? you want some fiber one honeclusters? yeah. you must really care about him. what? you gave him fiber.
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than tylenol 8 hour. so why am i still thinking about this? how are you? good, how are you? [ male announcer ] aleve. proven better on pain. >> shannon: some companies want to sell do it yourself genetic testing kits in a drugstore near you but the fda has concerns about making that technology available to average consumers. casey stegall live in san diego where three manufacturers of the kits are based. hi, casey. >> good to see you. you can buy a pregnancy kit from the drugstore and even a home hiv testing kit but would you buy a product that could measure your own dna. there are three manufacturers
1:58 pm
here in san diego alone that are working on kits they claim can do just that. these home b genetics kits are designed to measure a risk for diabetes, cancer and other genetic diseases. you buy the kit and send off the dna sample to the lab and wait for your results at home. the food and drug administration isn't so sure they are accurate and even questions the legality of the service since it has not received federal approval. in fact, the u.s. government accountability office recently launched a probe and found that the kits offered conflicting device on disease risk and made exaggerated marketing claims. >> i would never leave a phone message, for example, telling a patient, by the way, you have an extraordinary high risk of breast cancer, go find one that can tell you about it. if you are going to provide information that literally has the potential of being life
1:59 pm
changing then you have a responsibility to be available to help explain. >> now, pathway genomics one of the test manufacturers did not want to go on camera to talk about this but did say in part all reports are reviewed by an expert physician prior to delivery and customers are provided access to free genetics counselors and onstaff medical doctors to help them understand what the test means. at one time walgreen's planned to offer the kits in stores but it was scrapped because of the ongoing controversy with the service. shannon? >> shannon: casey stegall live this san diego. thank you very much, casey. >> sure. >> shannon: that is it for us here in washington. "fox news sunday" is up next. special report host bret baier is filling in today for chris wallace. he will talk mid term politics in exclusive interviews with senators john cornyn and jack reed. das


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